AMADEO. The Place For Ribs.

Restaurant Amadeo is located in the centre of Brussels, between the Bourse/ Beurs and the Marché aux poissons/ Vismarkt. The restaurant was established in 2000, but we only started working in 2005 under the same management team that has run the Amadeus restaurant in Ghent for many years In Brussels, the name “Amadeo” was chosen instead of “Amadeus”, to avoid confusion with another establishment also based in Brussels which has nothing to do with our restaurants. As we work with the same foods prepared in the same fashion as at Amadeus Ghent, we can guarantee you the same unique-tasting dishes here in Brussels.

Our rapid, informal service makes us popular with everyone - tourists and Belgians, teachers and students, young and old. The house speciality is “spare ribs à volonté”. This dish is served with a side-salad and a jacket potato, with our own special herb butter whose flavour really is second to none. The “à volonté” means “as much as you like”, and we really mean this: extra spare ribs, potatoes, salad and accompanying sauces really can be ordered without any limit, for a very reasonable fixed price.

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